Pregnancy and Feeding

Everything a mum needs during the different stages of pregnancy and feeding:breastfeeding pillows, breast pumps, feeding bottles, and many other solutions for you and your baby...

NaturalFeeling Line

A full range of products specifically designed to experience breastfeeding for the longest time and in the most relaxing way possible. Perfect solutions which combine gentless and effeciency with comfort and practicality. It tested and approved by moms.


Step Up New Feeding Bottles line

The only line of bottles that allows you to feed your baby naturally, thanks to 3 different teats with specific shapes according to the child's age (0m+, 4m+, 6m+). Basing on the child's abilities of sucking they change shape: from the angled teat for newborns to the rounded one for the first few months to the elongated teat, ideal for older children.

stepup new